Messi out of US tour due to Calfstrain:

Barcelona Skipper Lionel Messi will not travel to the United States for the clubs pre season tour after sustaining calf problem on his return to training form a close season break. He experienced discomfort in his right leg during Monday's training session and on confirmation of grade one calf strain forcing him to get out of the town "Messi's come back will be decided by his recovery" Barcelona said.

Liverpool Sign Goal keeper Adrian

Liverpool have signed former west Nam United goal keeper Adrian on a free transfer following the departure to Belgium side club Bruges, the premier league club said on Monday.

Manchester United sign England's Harry Maguire.

Harry Maguire on a six year contract for Manchester United. Marchesters club announced on Monday. Media reported the transfer fee was in the region of 80 million pound, making Maguire the most expensive defender in the World.
Coach Stimach calls 34 probables for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers training camp.

Igor Stimach coach of Indian Football team named 34 probables for training camp for FIFA Qualifiers against OMAN. India has countries like Quatar,Oman, Afghanistan and Bangladesh in it's Group E to play. On September 10 India will play its toughest match against Asian Champion Quatar . The eight group winner's and four best runner up will be advanced to the Final Round of 2022 World Cup Qualifiers and 2023 AFC Asian Cup finals. Narzary who featured in even match of India's 2019 AFC Asian Cup campaign got a call up for a camp.

Australia's World champions Sally person calls it quits:

World and former Olympic champion high hurdler Sally pearson retired on tuesday. She was the Australia's most sucessfull track athelete of her generation . She won olympic 100 m hurdles gold and World title in 2011 and 2017, Pearson grew up on the Goals cost. She got hurdles Silver Medal in 2008 olympic and was …

UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) is planing for going to the Mars

Hello guys 😄😄 I'm Abhishek and today I have brought an very interesting topic for you. In Today's date most of the countries had reached to the Moon and Mars but there are many countries who doesn't gone to the other planets. Today I'm going to talk about UAE. Most of them had heard about the UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) this country is one of the most developed country in the world. This country is known for its Beauty , Development , Architects of there buildings and Rules. But most of us don't know that UAE has never gone to the other planet. But now they are also trying to come in the competition with the other countries they are also planning for going to the Mars. Because of the other countries who had gone to the Mars ,UAE is also wants to go to the mass and they also want to become a part of the competition. Therefore UAE had started to making the spacecraft for going to the Mars for making there countries history.

The UAE has announced that they will laun…

Sushma Swaraj is No more

Sushma Swaraj the Former Minister of External Affairs of india is more.
She was a very great woman, in 1977 she became the minister from the Ambala Cant.
In 1997 she became the chief minister of Delhi.She was a very great Minister she was known for his work. She was passed away at Tuesday night at 10:30 pm , it is impossible to think that Sushma Swaraj is no more. It is happen due to the heart attack she was dead in the hospital of Delhi.
Behind the Kashmir 370 article she had a very important role.


PRABAL MACHI is a very beautiful and quite good hill station. Most of them are very interested to travelling you can visit this place it is a very good place which is located in middle of the Panvel and MATHERAN. Most of the publics are going to visiting the PRABAL MACHI.
HOW TO VISIT TO PRABAL MACHI-  You can go by roads through the Panvel, and Panvel is situated in the Navi Mumbai. The distance between Mumbai and Panvel is about 40 to 50 km. If you reached to Panvel then you want to go by MATHERAN Road.
And the distance between Panvel and PRABAL MACHI is about 15 km. The best season to go to PRABAL MACHI is monsoon season because in monsoon season the area is looking so much beautiful because of its greenery.

 The roads are very beautiful and it is situated near the MATHERAN HILL STATION. PRABAL MACHI is also known as Machi or Prabalghad. You will find so many temples near the mountains . There are so many FARM HOUSES which are situated in the …

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